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Findings on Clamps

April 6, 2014 Leave a comment

Somehow I got obsessed with clamps today. The other day I saw a report on TV about pain assessment with a so called Algometer. There a special press is used to compress a finger until the patient says it is starting to feel painful. This is called the “pressure pain threshold test”. Since the area of the press and its pressure is known a numerical value can be given for this pain threshold. Same goes for temperature. I found a report where they tested at which temperature a hotplate is so painful, the the test subject needs to get their hands of. They found 47 °C for woman and 50 °C for man. Maybe I will access this topic later in the context of candles and wax play.

Back to the clamps. Through googling I found that they also use standardized clothes pegs on the earlobe for this pressure pain threshold test. Does testing clamps on the earlobe sound as familiar to you as for me? All right. So their test clothes peg did have an clamping force of 10 N and an area of 100 mm², hence a pressure of 0.1 MPa on the tissue of the earlobe. In our circles clothes pegs are not known for their excruciating pain. So, how about other clamps? REAL clamps used in BDSM.


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Bipolar Electric Clamps

July 5, 2010 2 comments

Huh, I have untended this blog for a long time. An update is more than due now. Today I couldn’t resist and had to handcraft something kinky. There was one very special clamp I desperately tried to get my hands on for years. The so called “Grid Ceiling Clamp” from Home Depot. From outside the US it is virtually not possible to get. Or just insane expensive. But destiny brought me to the most remote Home Depot of this world: Honolulu. Well and sky-diving over Oahu, too 😉 But this is an other story to be told with a good cocktail.

However, these special clamps are very popular in the kink scene. Quite server and perfect to be modified. The credits for this modification into bipolar electric clamps go to though.

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Nipple Press

January 1, 2010 2 comments

Ever wanted to make your own nipple clamps? Well, this is not exactly a clamp rather a press. All you need is about 1 m of spring steel rod with a diameter of 1.5 mm cut into 4 pieces.

To adjust the pressure on the nipple you need two rings each. Mine were made of a small piece of Ø 8 mm rubber lace I had laying around. Just punch a hole into each rubber piece and slide them on. The ends of each pair are covert with a small piece of heat shrinkable tube.

Simple, yet effective!

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