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Spiced Electric Toothbrush

December 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Since I’m on a constant quest for the ultimate vibrator a friend of mine – who is into porn – tipped me off with the Celebrator. This is a special tip created to convert your electric toothbrush into a vibrator. According to her, and others that tried it, it’s a lot more powerful than lets say a Magic Wand. That combination begs for being hacked :-).

So I got one of these Celebrators and a cheap electric toothbrush operated by two batteries. Already a lot of fun, but with that toothbrush a lot more can be done. These little motors can for sure handle a little more voltage. In order to connect that toy to my vibrator controller I build a fake battery pack.

On the bottom of the toothbrush I drilled a small hole for the cable. Two wooden cylinders in the exact shape of a AAA battery with thumbtacks on top serve as connector. Now the whole thing is powered by four AA batteries with the controller I build in a previous post.

Way better than before! Nevertheless that hack isn’t as powerful as the original motor that can be ordered for the celebrator now. So the quest continues 😉

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