Fancy Vacuum Electrode

February 8, 2012 2 comments

Things are getting more fancy now. In the recent days I finished a project I was working on for a very long time. The combination of a vacuum cylinder and an estim electrode. Unlike the adaptions you can find elsewhere I wanted to have a contact sitting straight on the nipple or clit. So I decided to go with a spring loaded test pin commonly found in test equipment for electronics as the central electrode. Yes, it’s pointy but not sharp enough to penetrate the skin. The small contact area will provide a rather sharp and stingy sensation on her most sensitive spot. I admit, pleasure was not the ultimate development goal. Quite contrary. The second contact is realized with conductive aluminum tape around the base of the cylinder. Below a picture of the first finished vacuum electrode. One can see the acrylic disks holding the test pin, the cap holding the valve and the connectors as well as the aluminum tape around the base of the cylinder.

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Waist Strap with a Twist

March 9, 2011 3 comments

I’m still alive and back with some more kink and mean handicrafts. As I was reworking my whole collection of restraints in clear 2 mm PVC I had the idea for a very special chasity belt. Not exactly a very secure model since a scissor will help you out, but never the less it is lockable and has some neat features. I would rather call it a “fun time belt”. Perfect for going out into the public and having some fun.

The belt is just made of 2.5 cm wide clear PVC straps with lockable buckles. One can adjust the waist as well as the crotch. Perfect for locking thinks like dildos and plugs where they belong. But that’s not the only purpose. There are two attachments that slide onto the crotch strap. One spike pad and one electrode shield.

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Bipolar Electric Clamps

July 5, 2010 2 comments

Huh, I have untended this blog for a long time. An update is more than due now. Today I couldn’t resist and had to handcraft something kinky. There was one very special clamp I desperately tried to get my hands on for years. The so called “Grid Ceiling Clamp” from Home Depot. From outside the US it is virtually not possible to get. Or just insane expensive. But destiny brought me to the most remote Home Depot of this world: Honolulu. Well and sky-diving over Oahu, too 😉 But this is an other story to be told with a good cocktail.

However, these special clamps are very popular in the kink scene. Quite server and perfect to be modified. The credits for this modification into bipolar electric clamps go to though.

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Evaluating SparkFuns’ Microphone Breakout Boards

February 20, 2010 1 comment

Thinking about an Arduino project using some audio I compared two breakout boards for different microphones I obtained from SparkFun. The green one uses an electret microphone and the build-in opamp a fixed gain of 100. The red one uses a MEMS microphone also found in the PSP2. It has also an opamp onboard with a fixed gain of 100. Curious which one is more sensitive and how the output looks like I connected both to two A/D from an Arduino Mini 3.3V. The small sketch found after the break just writes the values from the A/D to the serial port every 100 µs.

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Not So Conductive Electro Conductive Silicone

February 7, 2010 5 comments

Sometimes there are things that aren’t working as intended. Inspired by some other works I tried to make electro conductive silicone myself. Highly motivated I mixed some 2 component silicone and  added graphite carbon powder used for lubricate doors. Scientist I am a series with different ratios of graphite and silicone was made. Since I lack a decent scale I went with volumetric ratios ranging from 10 parts silicon with 1 part graphite (10:1) to 1:2.

In the end it turned out to be not that easy. All silicone blocks were as insulating as one would expect for silicone. The graphite makes a appealing finish though. Deep black with a nice sparkling effect. For high ratios of graphite powder the silicone gets quite hard and the cut face will release graphite and you’re getting black fingers. But unfortunately no conductivity. Not even mega ohms.

Maybe one has to try even higher ratios of carbon graphite powder. An other direction for further experiments could be the grain size of the carbon powder. The commercially available electro conductive silicone shows no sparkling so the powder seems to be much finer.

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Playing with Accelerometer and Bluetooth

January 17, 2010 2 comments

Recently I was playing a little bit with a MMA7260Q triple axis accelerometer from Sparkfun. The brain is provided by an Arduino Pro Mini running at 3.3V. The talking is done by a bluetooth radio also obtained for hard money from the great folks of Sparkfun. The whole thing is easily assembled on a bread board and just worked right away. Behind the break you can find the code as well as an output log.

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Wood Work

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Somehow the need for paddles arose. Especially since those OTK hand spankings are not very ergonomic for the dominant. After some decent smacks I always got this ache in the elbow. Below you can see the results of the hard work. Unfortunately you don’t see the countless hours that went into these goodies.

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