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What I was up to the last years – Or the beginning of a journey

April 6, 2014 2 comments

The last two years have been a busy time for me. Beside writing down my PhD Thesis, relocating to a new city and job, building a DIY-CNC router and getting engaged with my love, I didn’t find much time for kink DIY. Well, there was one notable project which needs a proper write down. And I fell in love with airline track (google for it). I retrofitted our bed with them to have hidden bondage attachment points.

Beside that I spent a whole lot of time learning CAD. And I have to say my project pipe line is bursting. I don’t even know where to start. Nor do I have nearly enough time and space to realize everything. But I came to realize, that I am on a long journey to make an amazing kink robot. It will take years to make everything real, but it is worth the effort. This will be my personal twisted art project.

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