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Evaluating SparkFuns’ Microphone Breakout Boards

February 20, 2010 1 comment

Thinking about an Arduino project using some audio I compared two breakout boards for different microphones I obtained from SparkFun. The green one uses an electret microphone and the build-in opamp a fixed gain of 100. The red one uses a MEMS microphone also found in the PSP2. It has also an opamp onboard with a fixed gain of 100. Curious which one is more sensitive and how the output looks like I connected both to two A/D from an Arduino Mini 3.3V. The small sketch found after the break just writes the values from the A/D to the serial port every 100 ┬Ás.

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Playing with Accelerometer and Bluetooth

January 17, 2010 2 comments

Recently I was playing a little bit with a MMA7260Q triple axis accelerometer from Sparkfun. The brain is provided by an Arduino Pro Mini running at 3.3V. The talking is done by a bluetooth radio also obtained for hard money from the great folks of Sparkfun. The whole thing is easily assembled on a bread board and just worked right away. Behind the break you can find the code as well as an output log.

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