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La Doctrine Francaise

Guess what, I do love electricity for stimulating subs. Especially the more powerful and not so common devices like cattle prods or hand crank generators. Especially, since those devices have a long track record as being an instrument of real torture. The first recorded wide spread use of a field telephone as a tool of torture was during the Algerian War from 1954 until 1962. From there it was exported to south america. Personally I strongly refuse the use of torture, except among consenting adults in a BDSM context.

However, introducing a new toy with such a story and historical background makes an extremely good brain fuck! Downside of a field telephone or hand crank generator is, that they are hard to control and are indeed extremely painful. As such they are hardly used in a BDSM context except from hardcore players. But there is a solution to this.


Taming a Hand Crank Generator

On a German BDSM social platform someone [a.k.a. Mr. Radiotoy] posted a schematic of an attenuation circuit to tame a field telephone. Additionally this circuit also contained a rectifier to charge a small capacitor which could then be discharged through the electrodes.

Inspired by this schematic I set for making my own version. The visualization part and the attenuator I left mostly unaltered. It consists of a Zener-Diode cascade with different colored LEDs for showing the voltage. The attenuation is realized with a rotary switch which creates a voltage divider with different ratios. Since the hand crank generator outputs a nice sine wave, I included a voltage doubler to charge two capacitors. These capacitors can then be discharged via the attenuator into the electrodes. The discharge circuit is activated by a SPDT switch. One can set the charge voltage with the speed on the crank. A push-button then discharges everything.


Then everything is nicely lay-outed on a PCB. Below a picture from the board in eagle. I’ve choose to use SMD parts and learn how to handle them. An inexpensive laser-cut kapton stencil and a cheap toaster oven turned out to be a quite easy and capable combination. I’ll never lock back to through hole parts ever (except where unavoidable).


Making a “Nice” Toy

On ebay I found a military surplus vendor who sold spare hand crank generators of German Army field telephones (Feldtelefon OB/OZ) by the dozen for no money. Since WW3 was not coming there was no need for those spare parts any more. Thus I could use the generator only, without the bulky telephone around it. Downside, the minimum order quantity was five generators. However, four of them made the best birthday presents I ever gifted to some of my friends. kinklab_doctrine_boards.jpg

For the enclosure I found an other very nice and easy solution. I got the parts laser cut in 3mm PMMA and wood. On translucent black PMMA the laser engraving really comes out very nice. Also the LEDs shine through the black enclosure and make a nice optical effect. For the wood enclosure I cut small openings. However, that doesn’t work that well, since the PCB and the LEDs are roughly 10mm below the wood. One other thing I really had big troubles with were the tolerances of the PMMA sheet thickness. I did cut the openings for the taps and notches 3.2 mm wide. However, some of the sheets turned out to be up to 3.5mm thick. Thus my taps wouldn’t fit into the notches. Unfortunately this is still inside the regular tolerances for PMMA sheet thickness. I had to sand the taps and notches to make them fit. This was really annoying!kinklab_doctrine_enclosures.jpg

How does it feel?

To my surprise the lower intensity levels do feel actually quite pleasurable. The attenuator gives a really good control over the intensity of the stimulation. What makes this box stand apart from any other electro-stimulation unit is, that the stimulation becomes much more perceivable for the active part. The generator gives a direct feedback and you can feel much more resistance on the higher power levels. Also the cranking style directly influences what the passive part is feeling.

I’ve specifically chosen switches and push buttons with a crisp and audible sound. Especially the rotary switch for the attenuation and the toggle for the shock circuit do make very scary noises if you’re wired to this device. Also the circuit contains a bright white LED which is flashing synchronous with the pulses. In the usually very dim lit dungeons this adds also very much to the brain fuck.

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