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What I was up to the last years – Or the beginning of a journey

The last two years have been a busy time for me. Beside writing down my PhD Thesis, relocating to a new city and job, building a DIY-CNC router and getting engaged with my love, I didn’t find much time for kink DIY. Well, there was one notable project which needs a proper write down. And I fell in love with airline track (google for it). I retrofitted our bed with them to have hidden bondage attachment points.

Beside that I spent a whole lot of time learning CAD. And I have to say my project pipe line is bursting. I don’t even know where to start. Nor do I have nearly enough time and space to realize everything. But I came to realize, that I am on a long journey to make an amazing kink robot. It will take years to make everything real, but it is worth the effort. This will be my personal twisted art project.

I will outline my robot project for you. Let me first point out what influenced me as the idea took shape:

  • Jeff (RIP) of House of Gord a genius engineer of kink machines
  • Chimerabondage a site dedicated to female self bondage
  • BoundAnna a site devoted to self bondage in general
  • The art of Robert Bishop, especially his very restrictive bondage devices
  • Davo, a 3D digital artist, also known for such restrictive bondage devices
  • alexq999 from deviantart showing 3D art of woman in self bondage machines
  • The creative folks over at devicebondage for their imagination
  • and of course PD of Insex before he was forced to become soft
  • The nameless guy who had the idea of using a linear motor as fucking machine first
  • The other nameless guy (probably from chimerabondage) who came up with the idea of using pneumatic for a spanking machine
  • The countless fetish photographers who shoot gorgeous girls in latex. Especially if the pictures are high key
  • The art collective that came up with the PainStation

Take all these elements, put them into a blender and there you are. I imagine a machine, or a set of machines, to which a woman submits herself. First she will program the machine according to her personal limits. Then she mounts herself on the machine. Pneumatic activated restraints provide the necessary fixation and are only released once the machine decides to do so. Then the machine will follow its programming and give her a ride she won’t forget soon. Different actuators will therefore work on her. Possibly the whole session is shown via webcam over the internet. One may think also about a web interface to remote control the machine over the internet.

To say, take the concept of chimerabondage and alexq999, make the machines as restrictive as DeviceBondage, Gord, Davo and Rob Bishop show. Spice up everything with a grain of sadism and pain as pd likes it so much. Finally ad some glossy latex, a white backdrop and enough light to make everything easy for the eyes.

The whole thing breaks down into three main parts:

  1. A sufficiently flexible furniture system that allows for easy creation and modification of the base furniture. I first thought of the ever so popular kee clamp system, but came up with my own system that will be somehow similar. But it will allow for tube bends which will make it possible to follow the contours of the female body more elegant.
  2. The actuators which will perform some sort of action on the female victims. Beside the obvious vibrators, fucking machines and spanking machines this will also include the pneumatic restraints, electrostimulation and a lot of other goodies my mind will come up with.
  3. The whole thing needs a controller, serving as the brain. Right know the preferences are towards a Raspberry Pi. But any other small Linux machine will serve equally. A small web server will allow a Tablet to be the user interface.

Right now the three parts are in different stages of realization. The furniture system is quite evolved, yet a first prototype needs to be build. But I have roundabout 60 different furniture’s designed in CAD and an other 20 in an earlier planning stage.


Different actuators are in the pipeline as well. Sufficiently strong vibrators (forget the Magic Wand), a fucking machine, 2 versions of a spanking machine as well as a decent electric stimulation generator are quite evolved. Many others invented and in an early planning stage.


Along this journey I will face a lot of challenges:

  • The inherent safety issues associated with self bondage in general
  • What happens if personal limits are broken? Will there be an emergency stop? Or a supervisor / operator?
  • Obviously resources in form of time, space and money

Oh, I almost forgot, beside this project I still have a lot of other ideas and smaller projects up my sleeves.


So, stay tuned. Even if there are lengthy time gaps between my posts, everything is still ongoing. Slowly but steadily.



My kink is watching woman submitting themselves to self bondage and torture machines with no other option but to endure what the machine is doing do them. It is this definite and most intense form of hopelessness that turns me on. A machine does neither know mercy nor empathy. As such I have no interest in using these machines on me, nor on any other male. So, please don’t bother me asking.

  1. Lisa Burress
    June 28, 2015 at 18:43

    hi…my husband and i are wanting to try this form of bondage and kink very much. i stumbled onto your page while trying to find ideas for DIY projects. i think this is awesome and cant wait to see new stuff

  2. Sarah
    February 9, 2016 at 08:47

    I’m a 21, single, university student, looking for diy machines when I stumbled upon this. I must admit it does sound incredible. Certainly something I wish I could put on my bday list. Look forward to updates.

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