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Waist Strap with a Twist

I’m still alive and back with some more kink and mean handicrafts. As I was reworking my whole collection of restraints in clear 2 mm PVC I had the idea for a very special chasity belt. Not exactly a very secure model since a scissor will help you out, but never the less it is lockable and has some neat features. I would rather call it a “fun time belt”. Perfect for going out into the public and having some fun.

The belt is just made of 2.5 cm wide clear PVC straps with lockable buckles. One can adjust the waist as well as the crotch. Perfect for locking thinks like dildos and plugs where they belong. But that’s not the only purpose. There are two attachments that slide onto the crotch strap. One spike pad and one electrode shield.

Material you’ll need

On the tool side a rotary cutter, a sharp scissor and a rivet press with 4 mm hole punch, a slit punch and a suitable insert for your rivets is all you need. Well and for the electronic part a soldering iron.


  • 2 mm thick clear PVC
  • D-Rings 25 mm
  • (lockable) Buckles 25 mm
  • Rivets (9.0 x 8.2 mm)
  • Spikes (I think these are the back part of a snap fastener)
  • 2K glue like UHU plus 2 min
  • conductive rubber stripe
  • connection wire

Putting Things Together

The Belt

The belt consists of three parts. A waist belt, the crotch strap and its buckle. All were made of 25 mm wide clear PVC straps. You can use other materials if you desire. The waist belt is made of a 100 cm long strap and the buckle is riveted together with a D-Ring as shown in the picture below.

The crotch strap consists of two parts. The strap itself which just has a loop at one end to go over the waist belt and the buckle. I measured the crotch strap with 60 cm which so far worked very well. The buckle also features a loop to go over the waist belt. Both parts of the crotch strap are shown in the picture below.

The Spike Pad

The spike pad shown in the picture below attaches to the crotch strap through its D-Rings. It has a width of 50 mm at the front and narrows down to 25 mm towards the anus region. The length of the spiked area is 21 cm.

Before you attach the D-Rings you should glue on the spikes. For that I used 2K UHU plus 2 min (edit: that glue doesn’t work well. I need yet to find a glue that’s working better) which stays liquid around 3-5 min. So I had to hurry up and ended up needing three different batches of glue. Since the PVC is clear you can mark the symmetry line  as well as the position of the individual spikes on the back side with a non permanent marker. Just hold the spikes with a pair of tweezers and dip them into the glue before positioning them on the PVC.

The Electrode Shield

The electrode shield is also 50 mm in width and including the lashes for the D-Rings 18 cm in length. Both electrodes are 80 mm long each. The picture below shows the cut and hole punched PVC with the two conductive silicone strips laying on top.

The silicone already sticks to the PVC quite considerable due to adhesion. Hence I decided two rivets on each strip will be enough to ensure a secure operation. Electro conductive silicone is not easy to contact. You can’t solder wires to it, nor can you direct plug in some connectors. But since the strips are riveted onto the clear PVC one can use the rivets for connecting them. Strip the wires and loop them around one rivet and secure everything with a little bit of solder, as shown below.

The finished electrode shield goes onto the crotch strap similar to the spike pad. Together with a remote controlled e-stim device like the ET-302R this allows for a lot of fun on the go.

  1. M.Martigan
    February 14, 2012 at 02:43

    I just love all of your ideas man.
    Keep going the good work!

  2. April 24, 2012 at 22:47

    Hi, how are you getting on with the rest of the clear restraints?
    I love this project. Found it while researching clear restraints to add to the collection of projects I make and sell.

    I too started with rubber, I love working with it, but had the idea for transparent collars, cuffs and straps, then discovered great minds think alike 🙂

    • elims
      April 25, 2012 at 09:22

      The other clear restraints were wlready finished by the time of the writeup of this post. I just didn’t show them because they use the same pattern as the rubber restraints: https://kinklab.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/rubber-restraints-spikes/

      In the meantime I did a second crotch strap that holds one of those electric dog shock collars in place.

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