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Bipolar Electric Clamps

Huh, I have untended this blog for a long time. An update is more than due now. Today I couldn’t resist and had to handcraft something kinky. There was one very special clamp I desperately tried to get my hands on for years. The so called “Grid Ceiling Clamp” from Home Depot. From outside the US it is virtually not possible to get. Or just insane expensive. But destiny brought me to the most remote Home Depot of this world: Honolulu. Well and sky-diving over Oahu, too 😉 But this is an other story to be told with a good cocktail.

However, these special clamps are very popular in the kink scene. Quite server and perfect to be modified. The credits for this modification into bipolar electric clamps go to wiredpussy.com though.

What you Need

First, something that is able to dish out some electricity like a TENS unit. Without that, it just remains an ordinary clamp.

Beside that you need the things on the picture:

  • Grid Ceiling Clamps (totally unexpected)
  • connection wire, I use a preconfigured one with a 3.5 mm plug
  • small cable ties
  • caps of rivets as contact area
  • a hole punch
  • soldering iron with solder and some tools

Putting Things Together

Since these clamps are cheap as dirt and made in China I treated them with some WD40. Both to ease the mechanics and to prevent rust. It served them very well.

Remove the rubber plugs from the clamps and insert them into the fridge for a couple of minutes. Otherwise the hole will be too small. When they are cold punch a hole through their center. You should be quick since they heat up pretty fast. For me it worked best to have the punch in the side where the head of the rivet will be sitting. I used the biggest punch I had with 4.5 mm.

Fire up the soldering iron to pretty high temperatures (400°C). Tin the two ends of the wire and run them through the eyes of the clamp and the rubber plugs. Heat the head of the rivets (you’ll need just the head of a rivet) with the iron from the outside and fill the inside with plenty of tin. Then put the wire end into the molten tin and let it cool down for a minute or two.

Put things together and fix the wires with a couple of cable ties. That’s all there is. Well, stop, grab your favorite plaything and have a test ride 😉

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  1. M.Martigan
    February 14, 2012 at 02:43

    Would it be easy to build a Tens Unit?

    • elims
      February 14, 2012 at 18:30

      It is certainly possible. I’ve already build a couple. But in my experience you’re better of using commercially available ones. Even the most simple design will cost you more than a comparable Chinese fabricate. And if you want more functionality it is getting very complicated. Safe some money and buy a really good and expensive one like those from ErosTek. Nothing beats a ET312 or a ET302R. They are really worth their money.

      And no, I won’t post any schematics because of liability issues.

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