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Wood Work

Somehow the need for paddles arose. Especially since those OTK hand spankings are not very ergonomic for the dominant. After some decent smacks I always got this ache in the elbow. Below you can see the results of the hard work. Unfortunately you don’t see the countless hours that went into these goodies.

What You Need

I assume you have the basic tools for wood working and focus straight onto the bill of material:

  • 1 cm plywood
  • black wood stain
  • transparent parquet sealing

For the strap you’ll need also in addition:

  • 3 mm rubber sheet
  • 3 mm plywood
  • ø 5 mm aluminum rod
  • rubber cement

The Plan

It’s always a good idea to draw the shape of the paddle in a CAD program first. This helps a lot to get it symmetric and all holes even. Then print them on solid paper and use them as a stencil.

I’ll hand in my plans later as PDF’s since I don’t have them at hand right now.


With the printed stencil you can easily draw the outline onto the plywood. Cutting everything with a jigsaw went surprisingly well. You only should get enough spare blades ;-).

If you wanna make one of those stylish paddles with holes in it use a nail and mark all holes with a small punch. This helps guiding the drill. For the diameter I used 8 mm for the small paddle and 10 mm for the long one. With a countersink I made these holes look even prettier.

The next big thing are the edges. With a file they are rounded. That way you can eliminate any wiggly line from the saw. Once done with the file you should proceed with sandpaper and gradually use finer grains. Sanding the holes is a little bit tricky and ruined my fingers under the way.

For the finish I tried two different ways. First a classic black finish with black wood stain and the parquet sealing as protection. Second a clear finish just using the parquet sealing. I opted for the sealing since it is like predestined for the abusive environment such a paddle has to face.

The Strap

The handle of the strap is basically made the same way as the paddles. Except I used 4 layers of plywood. Two layers of 1 cm plywood and a smaller insert with two times 3 mm plywood. Prior to getting the handle in shape they have to be glued together. The strap itself consists of two layers of 3 mm rubber sheet glued together with rubber cement.

Once the handle is in shape you can attach the strap to the handle. Push the rubber into the slit of the handle and drill three holes for the aluminum rod. Cut the rod into three suitable pins and press them into the freshly drilled holes.

Before applying the finish you should disassemble the strap. Especially the stain doesn’t go that well with metal and rubber.

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