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System for Impact Toys

Today I like to show how to make nice and mean impact toys with a very easy to build system. Below in the picture you can see some of the toys I already made.

  1. Rubber Strap
  2. Thick Rubber Flogger
  3. Thin Rubber Flogger
  4. Round Rubber Flogger
  5. Rubber Flogger for the sensitive parts
  6. 8 mm Rubber Loop
  7. 5 mm Rubber Loop
  8. The infamous Dragons Tongue

Behind the break you can find a pictured step by step guide.

Things Needed

There is no need for an elaborated work shop to do those impact toys. All you need is shown in the picture below.

The Tools are:

  • Scissor
  • Silver Pen
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Drill and some common drills at hand
  • Two Component Epoxy Glue

Material for the Toys:

  • 2 mm rubber sheet (You can also use other thicknesses)
  • 5 mm rubber lace
  • Ø 25 mm anodized aluminum pipe
  • suitable plastic pipe endings
  • any other material like 8 mm rubber lace, leather sheet, … you name it

The Handle

The handle is made of anodized aluminum pipe with a diameter of 25 mm. They are easily cut with a pipe cutter to lengths of 20 cm to 25 cm, whatever suits you best. A nice looking hanger is made of plastic pipe endings. In most hardware stores they are found right beside the pipes. The hanger itself is made of 5 mm rubber lace 20 cm in length.

Just drill two 5 mm holes in the plastic pipe ending and make a loop with the rubber lace. The whole thing is secured with a knot. You have to fiddle around a little bit to make them all even, but it works. Then just stick the hanger into the aluminum pipe and your handle is finished.

The Fun Part

The Infamous Dragons Tongue

Imagine how the kiss of a dragon has to feel. That’s how this vicious little devil feels like. Made of 2 mm rubber sheet it stings like hell. Use the silver pen to draw a isosceles triangle on the rubber sheet. The length of the sides is 65 cm and the base is roughly 7 cm wide.

Use a circular cutter and a piece of wood to cut the tongue. If you don’t have a circular cutter, it also works with a solid scissor. Afterwards clean the rubber with warm water, dry it and remove the silver pen either with benzine or silicone oil. You should use the silicone oil anyway to give the rubber a nice shining.

To fix the tongue in the handle just roll the wide base and secure it with some wire. Amply of epoxy glue on the inside of the tube will help to get a solid bond between the rubber and the aluminum. If you worked carefully the tip of the tongue and the handle should be perfectly aligned.


The 5 mm rubber loop is done pretty much the same way as the hanger except the loop is much wider. 120 cm of rubber lace have resulted in a pretty decent toy. It’s also secured with a simple knot.

For the 8 mm rubber loop I omitted the knot and used just the epoxy to glue the rubber to the plastic pipe ending. Also 120 cm of 8 mm rubber lace are used.

The pipe endings are then slid inside of the aluminum pipe of the handle. If you wanna go for sure use some of the epoxy while sliding in.

Round Rubber Lace Flogger

This flogger can be done with 2 mm rubber lace or 5 mm rubber lace (shown here). Cut the lace in pieces of 100 cm. With 5 mm lace I used 5 strands, for the 2 mm lace I used 15 strands.

For this type of flogger also a hanger is used as hinge. Just run all laces trough the loop and secure them with thin, tight laced wire. To make a nicer finish I glued a small piece of latex sheet with rubber cement over the wire. The green tape in the picture is just for securing the latex to let the glue dry.

Then you have to cut down all strands to a common length. Now it’s ready to mate with the aluminum handle. If you like, you can once again use some epoxy to secure things.

Other Implements

You can of course use other “working parts” for the handle. Just use your imagination. Some ideas are listed below:

Rubber Strap

Use a 3 mm thick rubber strap. My dimensions are 4 cm by 50 cm. Punch some holes into it to avoid air cushions for some decent smacking.

Rubber Flogger

Floggers can also be made of flat rubber sheet. I have two variants in use – one of 3 mm rubber and 10 mm wide strands, and one of 2 mm rubber and 5 mm wide strands. Both are 50 cm in length. Just slice some appropriate rubber sheet but leave the last 5 cm solid. Now roll the whole thing and glue (once again the epoxy) it tightly into the aluminum handle. You should also use some rubber cement within the rubber roll to make the whole thing more solid.

(Acrylic) Canes

I’ve experimented with acrylic (PMMA) which wasn’t a good idea. It is way to brittle to make a good spanking implement. But you can for sure use this handle also for a multitude of canes. One cane, a bundle of canes, … Whatever you desire. I think a plastic pipe ending would make an optical appealing mount for those implements. You could also think about other materials like polycarbonate, fiber reinforced plastics or spring steel.

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